Debut Album “WANDERLUSTING”, Joseph King

Aug 31, 2013

Support your Local Artist, please. After touring, performing and recording as the frontman and songwriter for bands Deadbeat Darling and Canvas for over a decade, Joseph is now recording his debut solo EP, “WANDERLUSTING“.  He needs some help to get to this next leg of his journey which explains the “Kickstarter Pledge” program Kalen Style is supporting. KS is offering gift certificates for the next 5 contributors in the amount of their pledge up to $100. These certificates may be used to purchase any item on our web site.  Don’t think your pledge is limited to $100, not at all! Tons of amazing gifts at values in the thousands of $$’s are included with your pledge based on the level of support. Examples of gifts range from the final “Wanderlusting” CD, dinner with the artist, VIP 2-year passes, or full band private concert at the venue of your choice! WOW!

Please follow the link below for full info, and thank you in advance for taking the time to look (videos) and listen (his music) to understand why this artist is well worth your pledge. Again, your support for Joseph is much appreciated. He is a phenomenal talent and one of the best men we know!  Love, xoxo KS

Joseph & Cassie


Did I mention Joseph King is the brother of our very own featured artist, Cassandra King Polidori, of Cassandra Collections ?!  Here they are perfJoseph Kingorming togetherJoseph King (talented family), the King’s.