I See Spheres? Here’s how…


Ice Ball Molds…who knew


Product Description

Impress your guests with crystal, icy spheres to chill their cocktail.  Sphere Ice Ball Molds have become extremely popular in high end establishments, and now you can make your own at home. These creative ice molds combine artistic beauty and scientific fact to make elegant, slow-melting ice balls. When ice is molded into a sphere, it reduces the surface area and melts much slower. Simply fill the mold with water, put the silicone cap on, and freeze. The Sphere Ice Ball Molds’ bases are made from durable plastic, and have Silicone caps for perfect sealing.

Add an extra level of originality to your cocktail creations by freezing fruits, herbs, flower petals, or anything else you think would go well with your cocktail directly into the molds.

Two Molds come with each pack.

Dimensions: Ice Ball Diameter: 2.5″, Mold Height: 3.15″, Mold Diameter: 4.25″

Care: Dishwasher safe